Vision Products

Custom prescriptions. Designer frames. Huge selection of contacts. Sports and protective eyewear. Safety Harbor Optical has it all.

Complex Prescriptions

Contact Lenses

Progressive Lenses

From the simplest to the most complex, at Safety Harbor Optical, we are able to address and confidently fabricate even the most custom pair of eyewear. Even though every pair of eyewear we dispense is custom-made for the exact size and shape of each individual, occasionally it is required for us to go to extreme lengths to customize a pair of glasses. Options such as prism, slab-off, occupational lenses, and other custom parameters are what we are trained to do, and have been doing for many years. 

Great news for contact lenses wearers, there has never been a better time to be fitted with contact lenses. Thanks to technology and advancements in contact lens design, cases that years ago were deemed nearly impossible are now fitted with routine ease from stock parameters. At Safety Harbor Optical, we stock thousands of lenses, so that the majority of our patients are able to leave the office on the very first visit with better vision and their new contact lenses. Our office fits virtually every type of lens modality available, no matter the complexity or customization. From the most routine to the most complex, each case is handled on a highly unique and individualized basis. We fit contact lenses with your long-term eye health and safety as our primary concern. We proudly solve many of the most challenging and difficult cases due to our patience and experience, including allergies, dry eye, and medical eye problems. 

The latest generation of invisible bifocals is actually a multifocal lens. They provide clear vision at all distances, including arm’s length and reading. The technology behind the progressive lenses we use is digitally driven, resulting in lenses that are aberration-free. This results in a very high adaptation and satisfaction rate. Our Visio office measuring system allows us to fit lenses that are accurate to within a tenth of a millimeter. At Safety Harbor Optical, we pride ourselves on using the most premium lens designs and materials in the industry.

Designer & Fashion Frames

Lens Treatments

Designer Sunglasses

We feature dozens of current, contemporary frame lines. Our Optical features 900 frames from some of the most exclusive designers in the industry. Many of our patients tell us that we have one of the best frame collections anywhere. Additionally, we have the experience to know which frames will look and work the best with your prescription. All our frames are current, with a full manufacturer’s warranty, and we provide excellent service in case parts are needed. We choose not to carry closeouts or discontinued frames for this reason. At Safety Harbor Optical, we offer uncompromised attention to every detail.

After arriving at your current prescription and being measured for the latest in eyewear technology, the final piece of the puzzle is to add an anti-reflective coating or, non-glare coating to your lenses. Virtually all of our patients at Safety Harbor Optical choose the lenses without the glare. Not only will you see better but your eyewear will look and feel better, too. Our state-of-the-art non-glare lenses also carry a two-year warranty. If, for any reason your non-glare lenses scratch, pit, peel, or show any type of blemish at all, we will replace them for you at no charge.

At Safety Harbor Optical, we carry the most exclusive brands of sunglasses, including Oakley, Maui Jim, Costa, and many others. Since we are a full-service Optical, we fill prescriptions into most of our sunglasses. We feature hundreds of the latest styles, including polarized lenses for boaters and beachwear. By carrying the highest quality sunglasses at Safety Harbor Optical, we insure that your shades will block the harmful UV rays that are responsible for skin cancers and cataracts.

Sports/Protective Eyewear

The key to taking care of your eyes starts with prevention. Safety Harbor Optical doctors and opticians proactively recommend the importance of eye protection to our patient athletes. Polycarbonate lenses are one such lens material that we prescribe for its lightness and its impact resistance. In addition, our patients that engage in work or hobbies that involve high-speed machinery are also advised about the importance of prescription protective eyewear.