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Q: What is Paragon CRT and how many diopters of myopia and astigmatism can be treated?

A: Paragon CRT is a unique oxygen permeable therapeutic contact lens designed to temporarily correct myopia (nearsightedness and moderate levels of astigmatism) by gently reshaping the cornea during sleep. Patients remove them in the morning and go throughout the day without any other correction. The FDA approved Paragon CRT for up to –6.00 diopters of myopia and up to –1.75 diopters of astigmatism. Generally, the easiest to fit cases are under –4.50 diopters, but myopes up to –6.00 diopters have experienced great success. Paragon CRT offers freedom from glasses and the hassle of wearing contact lenses during the day. This leading-edge technology can enhance the lifestyle for those requiring vision corrections. Active individuals can freely participate in sports without the interference of glasses or bothersome contacts. Eye irritation and dryness, sometimes associated with contact lens wear due to outside dust and pollutants, are also eliminated. At Safety Harbor Optical, we offer a free consultation to determine if you would be an ideal candidate for this exciting lens modality. Please call our office today to schedule your consultation.